Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it. — wow (via babyitsasweetlife)

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The reason the clone aspect of the show is so riveting (and feels downright brilliant) is particularly evident when you look at it on a perspective level. How often do you see hashtags trending on twitter like #ThatsWhatSlutsDo or #LiesToldByFemales or #mygirlfriendnotallowedto? Terrible blanket statements about women and their behaviors, thoughts, and actions happen all.the.time.

The idea that ladies all think and act the same (many vaginas, one mind?) is an old one: past generations and years engrained societal thought have allowed and perpetuated this for years. By making the main protagonists of the show female clones, Orphan Black forces the viewer — even though they all have the same face; even though they’re all played by the same actress — to see them all as unique, individual humans in spite of that. Because they’re autonomous people, they deserve the freedom from outside control that they seek: the right to govern their own body in whatever way they see fit. Ha! See where we’re going with this?
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 No! you are beautiful and wonderful and you have handled hate before and you can do it again. you are an awesome person.
You seem to be going through a hard time in Everything right now, but know that you will get through it and there are people cheering you on. 


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This week, I realized that I am not cut out to work in ICU. My patient was unresponsive but my nurse’s other patient, although he did not speak English, was more capable of responding to me and showing signs of hope than my own patient. This week I had a septic patient and Eva, my instructor, explained to me that most people on the ICU units are either already septic or are heading in that direction. I don’t think I’m built to handle patients that are deteriorating with little signs of hope. 


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If you and Bryce … if you had a thing that makes sense. He always  got the great girls.

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