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This week, I realized that I am not cut out to work in ICU. My patient was unresponsive but my nurse’s other patient, although he did not speak English, was more capable of responding to me and showing signs of hope than my own patient. This week I had a septic patient and Eva, my instructor, explained to me that most people on the ICU units are either already septic or are heading in that direction. I don’t think I’m built to handle patients that are deteriorating with little signs of hope. 


4 of 91 - 1.04 Chuck vs. the Wookie

If you and Bryce … if you had a thing that makes sense. He always  got the great girls.

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Yeah, I like to argue with my feminist friends all the time - playing devil’s advocate with them. It makes them so ANGRY though, and I don’t know why.

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"I don’t understand why they’re so angry. I thought they just debate about their rights for fun. They’re acting like these things actually affect them."

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Man the rudest people are in the library. 
My friend walked up to my table and we had a 1 minute conversation in whispers and this lady in her 40s turns to us and says, “shut up”
not even a please be quiet

1 minute in whispers. YOU stfu.


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  1. Open iTunes
  2. Listen to “Cruel and Beautiful World”
  3. Then “A Question and an Answer” (series finale version)
  4. Then “Rivers and Roads”
  5. Try not to cry.
  6. Cry.

Happy 27th!

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chuck (2007 - 2012)

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My latest project. Almost literally a last minute thing, just due to lack of time and ideas. Principia was again the driving force behind this, as she supplied not only the initial inspiration, but she also wrote the script that I worked from. 

I Want My Glasses Back, by Swankkat and Principia

The original is, once again, in Zachary Levi’s hands. All done on card stock with prismacolor markers and pigma pens, I bound this in a rather quick tape job with a vellum cover (not pictured, as it was almost 5 am at that point…). The scans aren’t the best, since I was working rather quickly to make it in time. Zac, if you read this, I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed drawing it for you. You’re still my superhero. <3

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