no one ever said parenting was easy


no one ever said parenting was easy

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Ben + Calzone = <3 4 eva xcept n cases of BETRAYAL


Anonymous asked: maybe straight white boys wouldnt be so bad at texting if girls werent such bitches.


woah there brony friendzoni


I can’t believe this


'It's me. It's me Peter, and I'm sorry.'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene

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dunno if I’m just an asshole or taking what he’s saying wrong.. but i completely disagree with what he is saying. trying to be deep like, wow.. so free to be kind.. no.  he should have said in the second photo, “it’s the right thing to do.”  

by his logic, if it does cost us something, we shouldn’t be kind to other people.  wrong.  we should always be kind to others, even if it costs us something.  what he is saying is very selfish.   

also, I liked chuck, but I don’t know this guys name.

Hi hello hi I’m gonna stop you right there.

Firstly, his name is Zachary Levi. And he is one of the kindest and sweetest human beings on the planet. And he’s constantly giving his time, his energy, his entire freaking soul and heart to people he doesn’t even know just about 97% of the time. And the other 3% of the time, it’s for his family and friends.

I’m having a hard time right now even putting “selfish” in the same sentence as Zachary Levi. I already want to delete that sentence.

I’m certain Zac would agree that being kind is the right thing to do. Being kind is sort of his M.O. And by sort of, I mean it’s basically his life’s work. But “it’s the right thing to do” doesn’t seem to compute with a lot of people. Know what does? $$ “It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.” Bam. It hits you in the chest. Because it’s the truth. 

" by his logic, if it does cost us something, we shouldn’t be kind to other people.  wrong.  we should always be kind to others, even if it costs us something. “

This gifset is of only two sentences in the entire panel. I’m not sure he would disagree with you—we SHOULD always be kind to others (as he literally said, he doesn’t ever want to be NOT kind to anybody), yes even if it costs us something. Zac would definitely agree with you. That’s kinda the point. I don’t understand how what he’s saying even remotely insinuates that he thinks we shouldn’t be kind to other people.

I apologize if I come off as rude, but you need to go learn some things about Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine, and all of his work with Operation Smile and the things he does for his fans. 





Did Tumblr just try and make Zac Levi, Mr. Stands out in the freezing cold to sign autographs and take photos with fans every night after his broadway show - Mr. Takes photos with fans WELL after his photo op time slot is over to fit everyone in, even though there is a party going on that he’s throwing - Mr. Cries at every panel he takes part in - Mr. Arranges a Kick-ass ladies panel that’s pretty darn representative of a few different kinds of ladies (Yvonne, Ming Na, Rhetta, Missy P, Jennifer Morrison, Sophie Turner) and sits there and lets them rag on him for being a dude without getting defensive, freaked out, or dude-bro AT ALL-? Did- Did Tumblr just try and make him look like a bad person? Over semantics?

For real?

Zac literally has the kindest heart. how dare you.

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Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it. — wow (via babyitsasweetlife)

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The reason the clone aspect of the show is so riveting (and feels downright brilliant) is particularly evident when you look at it on a perspective level. How often do you see hashtags trending on twitter like #ThatsWhatSlutsDo or #LiesToldByFemales or #mygirlfriendnotallowedto? Terrible blanket statements about women and their behaviors, thoughts, and actions happen all.the.time.

The idea that ladies all think and act the same (many vaginas, one mind?) is an old one: past generations and years engrained societal thought have allowed and perpetuated this for years. By making the main protagonists of the show female clones, Orphan Black forces the viewer — even though they all have the same face; even though they’re all played by the same actress — to see them all as unique, individual humans in spite of that. Because they’re autonomous people, they deserve the freedom from outside control that they seek: the right to govern their own body in whatever way they see fit. Ha! See where we’re going with this?
The ORPHAN BLACK Radical: Why Every Clone Club Needs its Helena « Nerdist (via kenyatta)

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